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IOGA of NY Comments on DEC’s Liquefied Natural Gas Hearing

Statement attributable to Brad Gill, executive director of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York.

“DEC has acknowledged that liquefied natural gas is a safe, clean, cost-competitive alternative fuel. Those who do not agree are carrying an extreme political agenda rather than arriving at a fact-based determination. It’s time for the Cuomo administration to reject the radical campaign of fear and misinformation, fully embrace the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas and join the nation in developing this valuable energy resource.”

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IOGA Responds to Norse Energy’s Bankruptcy Filing

Attributable to Brad Gill, executive director of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York.

“The shuttering of Norse’s New York operations is another deeply troubling result of New York’s political indecision regarding the future of natural gas exploration – now in its sixth year.  Norse invested millions of dollars in New York and had planned to bring on 100 good-paying jobs. Instead, they have empty office space and unemployed workers to show for their efforts. This is a major disappointment. This was a New York State-based company. Evidently this state is only open to businesses that meet the governor’s undisclosed criteria.”


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Air is Getting Cleaner Thanks to Greater Natural Gas Use

IOGA of NY’s fifth Natural Gas Number provides the proof.

Albany – Today’s Natural Gas Number is 12.

That’s the percentage decrease in America’s carbon footprint over the past eight years, due in part to greater natural gas extraction and use, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

“No matter how you examine it, credible scientific sources agree to these facts: American natural gas exploration is helping to lower the nation’s carbon footprint, creating wealth, and leading to job growth and economic vitality everywhere it is being developed,” said Brad Gill, IOGA of NY’s executive director. “It’s impossible to reconcile New York’s continued feet-dragging with these realities.”

Gill called on state officials to release the pending regulations and drilling permit guidelines and allow the DEC to once again accept applications to develop the state’s natural gas reserves.

The “Natural Gas Number” series identifies significant data points that demonstrate what New York has lost, and what other states have gained, since the American natural gas boom began.

Previous natural gas numbers have included:

  • 1,882: released Sept. 16, it represented the number of days that have passed since the drilling moratorium was imposed;
  • 34: released Sept. 20: the number of weeks that had passed since Health Commissioner Dr. Shah said the department’s health review would be complete;
  • 1,537: the number of pages in the draft set of drill permit guidelines; and
  • 15,300: the number of people out of work in four adjoining Southern Tier counties bordering Pennsylvania.

Today marks the 1,912th day since the moratorium was imposed.

Today’s Natural Gas Number: 12 by IOGANY

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IOGA Responds to New Report

Biased and out-of-context,  the out-of-state “Environment New York” report offers more flawed data.

“This is one more overblown smear piece that offers no context, applies no objectivity, adds no perspective in terms of water usage compared to other industries and ignores the real world benefits that the more than 30 states that allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing are seeing.

New York City now has the cleanest air it’s had in 50 years because of the increased use of natural gas. Upstate New Yorkers are paying 35 percent less to heat their homes than then they were five years ago. Ohio and Pennsylvania have seen tens of thousands of jobs created in the shale energy industry.

The people and businesses of New York’s Southern Tier have been waiting for more than five years for the opportunity to develop their land. It’s time for New York to move forward by authorizing reasonable regulations that will allow natural gas development while protecting the environment and human health.”


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